Daily Archives: November 22, 2012

Neck Pain

Sherryl K., Tarzana, California, 2002. Whiplash injury. Sherryl is a 30 years old female, secretary of a finance firm, suffering from pain in the neck, shoulder and arms for 1.5 years ago. This pain was a consequence of car accident (so called whiplash injury). She had been gone through chiropractic […]

Back Pain

Parzin A., Calabasas, California, 2010. Bulging disc of Lumbar spine.  Parzin , a 41 years old Ophthalmologist, suffered from lower back pain for 7 years. The pain was dull and intermittently presented. Long standing or sitting aggravate the pain. MRI showed bulging of disc at the level of L4-5, 8 mm […]

Elbow Pain

Chris C., Chatsworth, California, 2001. Tendonitis. Chris is a 14 years old student, suffered an injury on his right elbow during baseball playing on May 1, 2001. He experienced persistent moderated pain in his elbow with mildly limitation of movement. X-ray of the right elbow did not show any bony […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Bruce N., Tarzana, California, 2010. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Bruce is a 54 years old junior high school teacher, suffered from pain in his left wrist for about one year. He is a left hander and work as a teacher for about 25 years. As a teacher, he used his left […]

Knee Pain

Bruce N., Tarzana, California, 2011. Tendonitis. Bruce is a 54 years old junior high school teacher, suffered from pain in his both knees for about six months. He trained in long walking preparing for the “walk for the breast cancer” held every summer in Santa Barbara. His goal is to […]