Daily Archives: November 22, 2012

Ancient Wisdom and Modern Practices

During the past 4,000 year’s history of China, one of the oldest countries on this planet, the only medicine available to the Chinese people is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). After the introduction of Western Medical science into China TCM remains the main way of treating sickness in many areas of […]

ACUPUNCTURE –An amazing natural treatment

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine methodology originating in ancient China and has a history of over 3,000 years. Acupuncture utilizes fine solid needles made of metal, usually steel but sometimes gold or silver needles, to treat various sicknesses by inserting them through the skin into one or several points of […]

Theory of Acupuncture Treatment

The classical explanation of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that meridians in the body are like rivers flowing through the body transporting the energy (Chi or Qi in Chinese) to irrigate and nourish the tissues. Disruption of the movement of these meridians (river of chi) is like a dam that backs […]

Feel the Pain

Pain is a variable subjective reception and it involves a very complex interaction. Something, for example a book, falls and hit your toes there will be a chain of things going to happen. First of all, the hitting creates a signal received by the sensory receptors in the proper part […]

How Acupuncture Treat Pain

Management of pain with acupuncture is an old traditional treatment method in China used for thousands of years. Though Acupuncture is very effective in pain treatment, explanation of its mechanism mainly is based on the Channel theory of Chinese Medicine. It is believed that pain is the result of obstruction […]