Daily Archives: November 21, 2012

Bell’s Palsy

I am a 31 years old female social worker living in Tarzan, California. In mid-July 2011, when I woke up I had a strange feeling in my face. When I looked at the mirror, I found my face was distorted with mouth angle and tongue deviated to the right side […]


Jennifer D., Van Nuys, California, 2004. Migraine headache. Jennifer, 39 years old RN, worked full time in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of UCLA Medical Center presented with migraine headache, depression, chronic back pain and PMS. She suffered migraine headache since her 23 with as much as 2 weeks out […]


Robert G., Canoga Park, California, 2012. Idiopathic neuropathy. Robert, a 72 years old constructor presented with burning pain and tingling sensation in both feet for about 2 years. He was found to have irregular heart beat which was not need to be treated. He is not a diabetic. Thoroughly examination […]


Stress is a common experience in our daily life. We feel stress when we encounter situations that irritate our emotions. Stress causes an individual to feel tension, pressure or negative sensation such as anger or anxiety. If managed properly, stress can motivate our mental functions to a higher level. On the […]